Why passionate applicants are successful in interviews

According to statistics, demonstrating a passion for work is considered one of the top criteria (highlights) for recruiters to hire a new candidate. An impressive resume is not always enough to persuade a recruiter that you are the most appropriate candidate for a job position. To succeed in your next interview, you need to communicate excitement and commitment and of course, share the respective points to prove it.


It will be highly appreciated by the recruiter to get to know why this job matters to you, what your goals are and what is the background behind your decision to chase this role. Try to share examples of the things you have experienced before figuring out that this is your dream role and what aspects keep you passionate about this role.


You can share with the recruiter one or more examples of a moment when you had to make time for your work and commit yourself to a project or other task to get the best results. Speak of your action plan, the hard work you did, and the activities that made your effort successful. What was your motivation at that time? This way, you will emphasize your focused personality and also the fact that you can work under pressure if it is needed.


Everyone is attracted to an energetic person that likes to spend their leisure time on things that are meaningful to them. It is a good idea to give the recruiter a hint of your hobbies, the things you are passionate about that are relevant to work or not. They will realize that you are a person that commits to multiple activities and makes the most out of their daily spare time.


Also, you can share any activity as a volunteer. This is proof that you make time for things you consider important, you are willing to give and offer your help without exchange. Academic events, social work, and others can be used as examples, and of course, if there is no volunteering experience at all, you can always mention that it would be something very appealing for you in the future.